NBA – Wembanyama’s superhuman sequence that shocks the web: “It’s an alien” – News

NBA – Wembanyama’s superhuman sequence that shocks the web: “It’s an alien”

Still in good shape against the Rockets this Monday evening, Victor Wembanyama was unable to lead the Spurs to victory.

Another defeat for Gregg Popovich’s men, even if the Frenchman created a buzz after the game. In question ? A superhuman sequence.

Traveling against Houston, not a big fan of Victor Wembanyama since the draft, the Spurs unfortunately fell for the 17th time in a row.

Victor Wembanyama proche de se blesser

Defeat with a score of 82-93, with a San Antonio team very uninspired in attack with no player above 15 points.

It is obviously Wemby with 18 rebounds, 3 assists and 5 blocks.

A complete performance for the Frenchman, but insufficient to leave with victory against a great rival from Texas.

But the former Mets had plenty of time to create buzz, like this monstrous poster:

Wembanyama’s crazy sequence after a big alert

However, this is not the action that generates the most buzz after the game.

We have to come back a little earlier during this meeting, with Wemby on the ground after trying to save a ball outing.

As we can see in the slow motion that follows, the Frenchman’s right ankle turns, raising fears of a nasty injury. It’s ultimately nothing…

Instead, Wembanyama got up quietly and was able to resume the match without any restrictions.

Enough to shock Internet users when we see the images:

It’s an alien, it’s confirmed

He really strengthened his ankles 💀

The ankle that turns? Not a problem for Victor Wembanyama. It could have been an absence of several weeks for another player, but not the Frenchman.

We imagine that the medical staff will take a look just in case, but Wemby never ceases to surprise us.

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