Patrick Mahomes Firmly Stands by Wife Brittany Amidst Latest Round of Leaked Images: ‘I’ll Not Divorce My Wife

Patrick Mahomes is thankful for his wife Brittany. “I have a great wife.

I think that helps out a ton,” the Kansas City Chiefs star, 27, tells PEOPLE at the premiere of his new Netflix documentary series Quarterback in Los Angeles, California. “She helps me out a ton by taking stuff off my plate.”

“I have great people around me and I can be Patrick Mahomes,” he adds about his wider support group,

which includes daughter Sterling Skye, 2, and son, Patrick “Bronze” Lavon Mahomes III, eight months, alongside Brittany, 27, who he married in July 2022.

Brittany Matthews, who married Mahomes in Hawaii earlier this month, quipped about his new role in an Instagram Story

“I can be myself, the same person I’ve grown up being — and luckily that’s won a couple of Super Bowls,” he continues. In Quarterback, Mahomes stars alongside fellow NFL players Kirk Cousins, and Marcus Mariota as the series takes viewers behind the scenes of what it takes to be a pro quarterback for the first time ever.

“I’ll NOT divorce my wife”: Patrick Mahomes defends Brittany after another round of Hot Leaked Images surfaced online.

At the premiere, the father of two shared his hopes that his children will now get to see “That when dad’s not home, he’s out there working hard to achieve his dream.”

Patrick Mahomes is, as well as the height difference between him and his wife, Brittany Mahomes.

“I don’t know what my kids’ dreams are going to be, but I want them to work hard at it and try to achieve those,” he adds to PEOPLE about the inspiration this will hopefully provide them. “Now they’re too young now to understand, but when they see this as they get older, I want them to know that they can go out there and chase their dreams and still have a great family at home.”

Brittany Matthews bikini pictures earn Patrick Mahomes praise

According to Brittany, this is something Mahomes has managed to successfully achieve himself.

“He has a soft spot, but I think he’s done such an amazing job at balancing his work life and his at-home life, and I think he’s really switched around his priorities and figured it out,” she tells PEOPLE, adding that he is “The best father ever.”

This can be seen through Mahomes’ attitude towards his daughter Sterling’s love of playing soccer — something he freely admits he has had very little role in encouraging.

Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend Brittany Matthews backs

“We never taught her how to play soccer. She watched it from going to the Kansas City Current games with Brittany,” Patrick tells PEOPLE. “Then we got home and all of a sudden she was kicking the soccer ball around,”

Patrick Mahomes defends wife after another round of undue online criticism pics

“So I think the genes are going to be good, but like I said, it doesn’t matter. We just want them to follow their dreams and if it’s sports, that’s awesome. If it’s something else, we’ll support them the same way.”

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