Patrick Mahomes’ Mom Reacts to Theory Taylor Swift Helped Win Super Bowl

An NFL fan has shared her theory that Taylor Swift helped win Super Bowl LVIII—and it seems Patrick Mahomes’ mom agrees.

Swift’s attendance at the game was big news as she was there to support her boyfriend Travis Kelce as the Kansas City Chiefs beat the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs’ tight end has been dating the singer since last summer, with the pop star’s presence at games boosting both ratings and profits for the NFL.

The February 11 game was a nail-biter and in the end, it came down to the last play. With only seconds remaining in overtime, Kansas City found itself down three points, and three yards from the 49ers end zone. To win, head coach Andy Reid turned to one of his favorite plays, which resulted in Mecole Hardman scoring a game-winning touchdown.

Now a woman named Kayren Spain has uploaded a video to X explaining her theory that Swift helped secure the win—and it was liked by Randi Mahomes.

Newsweek contacted Randi Mahomes and Patrick Mahomes via Instagram and a spokesperson for Swift via email for comment on Wednesday.

“Taylor Swifts Lucky 13 won the Super Bowl!! Still trying to meet Patrick Mahomes before I croak!” Spain captioned the video. In the clip, she explained that Swift’s lucky number is 13 and how that impacted the Super Bowl.

“There was the end of the game, we were behind, we needed to score a touchdown to win the game, it was over time,” she explained.

“Patrick scrambled down to the 13-yard line, there was a couple more plays, Kelce finally got it to the three-yard line. Now his first end goal on the three, one, three. And in 13 seconds left on the game, he threw a pass to Mecole Hardman, called Corn Dog or Tom and Jerry—my fave play of all time is Corn Dog—and we scored a touchdown and we won the Super Bowl. Yay!”

For those who aren’t familiar, Corn Dog is the name of one of coach Andy Reid’s favorite plays, which they used to win 38-35 over the Philadelphia Eagles in the 2023 Super Bowl.

Taylor Swift attends the 66th GRAMMY Awards on February 4 in Los Angeles, California, Patrick Mahomes at the Super Bowl Winning Team Head Coach and MVP Press Conference on February 12 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Randi Mahomes at Encore Las Vegas on February 10 in Las Vegas, Nevada. A fan has shared a theory that Swift helped Patrick Mahomes and his team members win the Super Bowl LVIII. JEFF KRAVITZ/DON JUAN MOORE/MINDY SMALL/FILMMAGIC/GETTY IMAGES

The Tom and Jerry play is similar, as it involves a player running toward the line of scrimmage before sprinting straight out toward the sideline. The quarterback delivers a quick pass, and the receiver makes the play.

“Believe it or not, we had Corn Dog last year, and it was Corn Dog again,” Reid told ESPN after the game. “This was Corn Dog with a little mustard and ketchup.”

While it’s not entirely clear why the presnap motion is called Tom and Jerry, one can hazard a guess that it relates to the old Hanna-Barbera cartoon of the same name. In the program, a cat named Tom fails to catch his arch-nemesis, a mouse named Jerry. It could be said that during the February game, Hardman was Jerry and the 49ers defense was Tom.

Various theories surrounding the Super Bowl have been floating around online and Patrick Mahomes previously responded to the conspiracy theory that this year’s game was rigged.

During an interview, CNN’s Abby Phillip asked the quarterback for his thoughts on an unsubstantiated rumor that was circulating online.

“There were some wild conspiracy theories flying around this season that the Taylor Swift effect was also scripted to allow Taylor to use the Super Bowl for politics,” Phillip told Mahomes. “What do you make of just how this has spiraled?”

“It’s been wild. I try to focus it on football just as much as possible, but there’s always some conspiracy theories out there,” the football star replied.

“I just always try to enjoy football and my family.”

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