Patrick Mahomes Sr. spotted celebratiпg oп field after Chiefs’ Sυper Bowl wiп amid DWI arrest

Mahomes Sr. was pulled over on February 4th during a traffic stop.

Patrick Mahomes Jr. (R) did not want to talk about his father's…
Patrick Mahomes Sr. was seen celebrating the Kansas City Chiefs’ Super Bowl victory, just days after the 53-year-old was arrested for driving while intoxicated.

The Chiefs took on the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas and emerged victorious, winning the game25-22 after enduring a rocky start.

Patrick Mahomes Jr. (R) did not want to talk about his father's...

Fans were kept on the edge of their seat throughout the NFL game. It was a triumphant evening for the entire Kansas team, including quarterback Patrick Mahomes Jr., who was able to enjoy the occasion with his father.

On Instagram, pictures emerged that showed the 53-year-old on the pitch with his family, celebrating after the match. Two weeks ago, the Kansas City quarterback’s father was arrested by the Tyler Police Department on at least his third DWI on Saturday night in Texas.

Patrick Jr. declined to comment about his father
Mahomes Sr., who is a 6’4 former professional baseball pitcher, was being held on a $10,000 bond. The Chiefs’ signal-caller himself refused to discuss his father’s arrest for DWI on Super Bowl opening night. “It’s a family matter, so I’ll just keep it to the family. That’s all I’m going to say at this point,” said the quarterback.

Mahomes Jr. stayed tight-lipped on his dad’s arrest and refused to go into any details. “I can’t go into it too much, but I mean he’s doing good for whatever the situation is,” the football star stated.

Bond documents confirmed Mahomes Sr. would be able to travel to Las Vegas to watch the Chiefs this weekend – but that he’d have to remain sober and wouldn’t be able to have any liquor while partying in the VIP box.

The arrest of Mahomes Sr.
An officer saw his white Genesis traveling too slowly as he went west in the 1100 block of W. Gentry. Cops ran his registration – which had expired in September 2022. They pulled him over, at which point the officer saw that Mahomes Sr. had an open 16oz Coors can in his center console.

He said that he had been drinking a few beers while watching the game at a local bar. Mahomes Sr. performed field sobriety tests and failed. He was then arrested and booked into jail for the DWI.

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