Patrick Mahomes STRONGLY Defeпds Wife Brittaпy after People Criticize aпd ROASTED her oп Swimsυit Photoshoot “I’m пot complaiпiпg, Why are yoυ? Is She yoυr Wife?.. Get a Life!”

In an 11-second clip shared by CBS, Brittany and Patrick were walking together when he leaned down to kiss her. She then looked at a stadium employee and asked,

“Where do we go from here?” while waving her finger in a circular motion.

“It was a little surly,” one commenter wrote. “We ain’t used to these conditions,” a second social media user quipped with a laughing emoji.

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“It’s the where do we go from here with the finger twirl for me,” another remarked.Brittany has dealt with her fair share of critics in the limelight. She previously came under fire when TikToker Jessica O’Connor accused her of not tipping an entire hotel staff after a long stay at the 1 Hotel West Hollywood.

Jessica, who said she served as a server, barista, and bartender at the location, said it was when Patrick’s high school sweetheart

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