Patrick Mahomes’ unparalleled versatility on the field continues to redefine what it means to be an NFL great. His ability to throw from any angle and under pressure is simply unmatched.

Patrick Mahomes has taken the NFL by storm since becoming the Kansas City Chiefs’ starting quarterback in 2018.

In just four seasons as a starter, Mahomes has established himself as one of the best and most dynamic quarterbacks in the league thanks to his rare combination of physical and mental skills.

At only 26 years old, Mahomes is already a Super Bowl champion and has amassed numerous individual accolades, including an MVP award.

His playmaking ability has revolutionized the Chiefs’ offense and made them perennial Super Bowl contenders. In this article, we will take a deeper look at Mahomes’ diverse skillset and analyze what makes him such a special quarterback.

Patrick Mahomes has unmatched physical gifts. His intellect might be what  sets him apart. - The Washington Post

Passing Prowess

Perhaps Mahomes’ most impressive trait is his passing ability. He boasts a powerful and accurate throwing arm that allows him to make any throw required of an NFL quarterback. Whether it’s a deep bomb down the sideline or a tight window throw over the middle, Mahomes can deliver the ball with precision. His arm strength is elite – he can fire passes over 50 yards downfield with ease. But what separates Mahomes is his pinpoint accuracy even on difficult throws. He consistently hits receivers in stride, allowing them to pick up yards after the catch.

Mahomes’ accuracy is also evident on short and intermediate passes. He completes a high percentage of passes under 20 yards by placing the ball where only his receiver can get it. This precision is a big reason for the Chiefs’ success on screen passes and crossing routes. It also means Mahomes can lead receivers and fit balls into tight windows over the middle of the field. His combination of a rocket arm and surgical accuracy is nearly unmatched in the NFL. It gives the Chiefs an advantage on every pass play by allowing them to attack all levels of the defense.

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Mobility and Play Extension

While Mahomes is primarily known for his throwing prowess, his athleticism and mobility are also elite for an NFL quarterback. Standing at 6’3 and weighing over 230 pounds, Mahomes possesses surprising agility and speed when he decides to take off with the ball. He often confounds pass rushers who expect a stationary target by scrambling to avoid pressure or pick up first downs with his legs. Mahomes’ mobility also helps him extend plays when the pocket breaks down.

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When under duress, Mahomes uses his athleticism to buy time for receivers to get open downfield or for running lanes to develop. He will scramble laterally and backwards to keep his eyes downfield in these situations. Mahomes’ scrambling ability stretches defenses horizontally and makes them account for him as a runner. It gives the Chiefs a dual-threat at quarterback and prevents teams from solely focusing on shutting down the pass. His mobility is a big reason why Kansas City leads the league in explosive pass plays of 40+ yards during his tenure. Mahomes simply makes defenses wrong by extending plays until someone comes open deep.

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is unassuming and unstoppable

Game Sense and Decision Making

While Mahomes boasts elite physical tools, what truly separates him is his mental processing and football IQ. He understands defenses and coverages at a level beyond his experience. Mahomes can diagnose pre-snap looks and make post-snap adjustments with the best quarterbacks in the league. This allows him to exploit weaknesses he identifies before the ball is even snapped. His pre-snap reads are a big reason for Kansas City’s prolific screen game, as Mahomes often knows the best option based on the defense’s alignment.

Once the play starts, Mahomes continues shredding defenses with his anticipation and decisions. He throws receivers open before they have made their cuts. Mahomes leads them into open spaces against zone coverage and puts the ball only where his teammates can get it against man defenses. His feel for timing and spacing is nearly flawless. Even more impressively, Mahomes makes these advanced reads under heavy pressure and while extending plays. He continues progressing through his options until finding an open man, which is a rare trait. His mental processing separates him from most quarterbacks and allows him to pick apart any defense.

Arm Angles and Creativity

A unique part of Mahomes’ game is his ability to throw from any arm angle with the same velocity and accuracy. He will fire passes off his back foot, across his body, or even behind his back with pinpoint results. Mahomes confounds defenses by fitting throws into tight windows against his body. His unorthodox release points and arm angles make it nearly impossible for defenses to anticipate where the ball is going. They cannot simply defend the traditional passing windows.

This creativity and improvisation is a nightmare for opposing coordinators. Mahomes treats the football field like a canvas and makes throws that most could only dream of attempting. He utilizes no-look passes, left-handed throws, and other trickery to keep defenses guessing. This unconventional style forces teams to account for non-traditional throws, stretching them even thinner. It also leads to many highlight-reel plays that demoralize opponents. Mahomes’ willingness to try anything with the ball in his hands makes him the most fun quarterback in the NFL to watch.

Supporting Cast and Scheme

While Mahomes’ individual abilities are special, much of his success stems from the system he plays in as well. Chiefs head coach Andy Reid has built an innovative offensive scheme perfectly tailored to Mahomes’ skills. Reid dials up plays that create explosives by leveraging Mahomes’ arm strength on deep shots. He also designs quick screens and crossers to capitalize on Mahomes’ pre-snap reads and precision passing. The scheme puts Mahomes in positions to make smart decisions before and after the snap.

Reid also understands how to maximize Mahomes’ mobility. He incorporates designed QB runs and rollouts to keep defenses guessing. This opens up big plays off play action as well. Perhaps most importantly, Reid gives Mahomes freedom at the line of scrimmage to audible into the best play based on the defense. He trusts Mahomes’ football mind completely. This scheme-QB marriage has turned Kansas City into the most feared offense in the NFL.

The Chiefs also surround Mahomes with elite playmakers like Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. These weapons stretch defenses vertically and provide big targets over the middle. They know how to uncover and win against any coverage. This allows Mahomes to attack defenses in any manner he chooses. He delivers them the ball in space and lets them rack up yards after the catch. Simply put, no quarterback has a better situation than Mahomes in Kansas City.

Clutch Gene

One area where Mahomes truly separates himself is his performance in high-pressure, clutch situations. He seems to thrive most when the game is on the line. Mahomes has led numerous dramatic, game-winning drives to pull out victories. He delivers his best and most accurate passes when the stakes are highest. Even more impressive is Mahomes’ penchant for comeback wins. He has engineered double-digit come-from-behind victories more times than any young quarterback in history.

His poise and confidence in these moments is unmatched. Mahomes believes he can lead his team to victory no matter the circumstance. This mentality rubs off on his teammates as well. They know as long as they can keep it close, their MVP will find a way. Prime examples came in the 2018-2019 AFC Championship and Super Bowl LIV wins. Down big in the fourth quarter each time, Mahomes willed his team back with clutch throws and plays. He simply does not understand the meaning of being out of a game. This clutch gene separates him as one of the best big-game performers in the NFL.

In just four seasons, Patrick Mahomes has established himself as the standard at the quarterback position. His rare combination of physical tools, mental processing, improvisation skills, and clutch performances make him nearly impossible to game plan against. Mahomes treats every game and situation like his own personal playground. He attacks from the pocket and on the run, with conventional and unconventional throws. Simply put, there is nothing Mahomes cannot do on the football field.

At only 26 years old, Mahomes is still improving and refining his craft. Barring injury, he has a strong case as the best quarterback of this generation and maybe ever. Under the guidance of Andy Reid, Mahomes will continue shredding NFL defenses for years to come. With an MVP and Super Bowl already on his resume, he is well on his way to a potential first-ballot Hall of Fame career. When discussing the game’s all-time greats, Patrick Mahomes’ name will certainly be in the conversation. He is the standard-bearer for quarterback play and what it means to dominate in the NFL.

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