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Ranking Kobe Bryant’s Funniest Commercials, with videos

Taking a look at the best Kobe Bryant commercials throughout his NBA career, with the likes of Leo Messi and Tim Duncan featuring.

Kobe Bryant, Lakers

Everyone will remember Kobe Bryant for what he did on the court. He finished his 20-year career with 18 all-star game appearances, five NBA championships, two Olympic gold medals, and one season MVP.

While he might’ve never been in a ton of movies like LeBron James or Michael Jordan, Kobe’s acting in commercials might put him up there as one of the best NBA actors of all time. We’ve chronicled Bryant’s greatness on the court, now let’s take a closer look at some of the funniest commercials Bryant’s been in over the years and ranked his top three.

3. Leo Messi vs. Kobe Bryant: Legends on Board – Turkish Airlines

You rarely see two of the greatest athletes in the same commercial. But for a few years, Turkish Airlines made it happen. In one of their 1-minute commercials that featured both Bryant and Lionel Messi, this one starts with a child walking on an airplane carrying a ball. He sees Messi and tries to get his autograph, but once Bryant calls him, Messi gets a little jealous. Both superstars then try their best to impress the child, only to lose to a mightier foe: vanilla ice cream with berries.

2. Tim Duncan vs. Kobe Bryant rap battle – Sprite

Bryant and Duncan have been in a lot of battles over the years, but one of their most epic battles happened outside an NBA court. In a commercial for Sprite in 1998 that featured a cameo from rapper Missy Elliott, both players gathered with their respective posse and engaged in a 10-second rap battle before a game of 1 on 1.

The commercial never revealed who won the game, but judging from who drank the beverage just before the commercial was over, one can assume Bryant won this matchup.

1. Guitar Hero World Tour

Bryant’s been an endorser for multiple brands, McDonalds, Adidas, Sprite, and Nike. However, one of his funniest commercials has to be when he was featured in a star-studded commercial for Guitar Hero. Joined by Alex Rodriguez, Michael Phelps, and Tony Hawk, the group formed a band paying homage to Tom Cruise’s famous scene in Risky Business with none other than Bryant taking the role of lead singer.

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