Rap Like Fiddy: 50 Cent 3 Songs Anyone Can Cover

Rap Like Fiddy: 50 Cent Songs Anyone Can Cover

50 Cent is one of the greatest rappers of all time, known for his raw, gritty lyrics and gangster persona.

While his rapping style may seem intimidating at first, there are actually plenty of 50 Cent songs that fans can cover with enough practice.

Here are 5 of his easiest songs to cover as an aspiring rapper:

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In Da Club (2003): This is 50 Cent’s breakout hit and arguably his most iconic song. The catchy hook and moderate tempo make this a great choice for beginners.

The verses follow a simple ABAB rhyme scheme, with 50 repeating the same flow and delivery throughout. Focus on memorizing the lyrics and emulating his conversational tone, and you’ll be well on your way to covering this classic song.

Candy Shop (2005): This song has a more lighthearted and playful vibe compared to 50 Cent’s usual hardcore rap. The chorus is extremely singable and memorable, while the verses follow a casual, storytelling flow. The lyrics are fairly simple and straightforward, focusing more on the song’s sexual innuendos than complex wordplay. If you want to cover a fun 50 Cent song that showcases your melodic rap skills, Candy Shop is a great option.

21 Questions (2003): This song sees 50 Cent slow down his delivery for a more melodic and emotional vibe. The lyrics tell a story of love and heartbreak through a series of questions. The slower tempo allows you to focus more on your vocal inflections and the emotion behind the words. While the lyrics may be a little more complex, the overall structure and delivery of the song are fairly accessible for beginners.

P.I.M.P. (2003): This song has an instantly recognizable, bouncy instrumental and catchy hook. The verses follow a simple ABAB rhyme scheme and 50 Cent’s delivery has a laidback, swaggering flow throughout. The lyrics are full of bravado and boastful one-liners, providing plenty of material for you to adapt and make your own. If you want to cover an iconic 50 Cent song that showcases your swagger and confidence, P.I.M.P is a good choice.

Wanksta (2002): This early 50 Cent song has a more old school, boom bap vibe compared to his mainstream hits. The lyrics are fairly straightforward, focusing on 50’s rise from the streets to rap stardom. The song’s mid-tempo beat and simple rhyme scheme make it accessible for beginners looking to cover an underground 50 Cent cut. Focus on emulating 50’s gritty delivery and storytelling to put your own spin on this classic track.

With enough practice and by studying 50 Cent’s delivery, rhyme schemes, and song structures, there are plenty of his songs that aspiring rappers can cover. Focus on the 5 discussed here to get started, and over time you’ll develop the skills to put your own unique spin on covering 50 Cent’s iconic rap songs.

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