Similar to Michael Jordan’s $500 Interest, Dennis Rodman Confessed His Love for $488 Worth Cigars: “My Favorite Things in the World”

It was perhaps the great Michael Jordan who made obsessing over cigars cool in the NBA. MJ’s cigars made the Chicago Bulls’ Championship celebrations memorable.

The six-time Champion’s interview with Cigar Aficionado is probably still his most iconic one.

In other words, Jordan is a solid aficionado of cigars and has always been fond of lighting the ones that come in $500 boxes.

Like his Bulls teammate, Dennis Rodman is also a massive cigar enthusiast, with an expensive taste in cigars.

Credits: USA Today SportsSimilar to Michael Jordan's $500 Interest, Dennis Rodman Confessed His Love for $488 Worth Cigars: "My Favorite Things in the World"

Credits: USA Today Sports

In a GQ interview in 2021, Rodman talked about the 10 things he can’t live without. The Bulls legend ended up including his cigars as the first item on his list. Rodman revealed he started smoking cigars in 1994 and hasn’t been able to stop ever since. The Worm admitted that cigars were one of his favorite things in the world, apart from his kids and women.

“It is one of my favorite things in the world, aside from my kids and maybe, a female species. I think everyone in the world knows I smoke cigars.” 

Rodman particularly smokes Montecristo White No 2 Belicoso cigars from the Dominican Republic. The cigars come in a box of 27, selling for around $488.50 per box. The selling price of these cigar boxes can also increase to $542.70 in some cases. Rodman claimed to finish a box of cigars within a night and added how smoking these exquisite pieces of luxury kept him ”calm, humble, healthy, wealthy and wise.” 

Rodman is infamous for his ‘friendship’ with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. Surprisingly, the Worm claimed that the North Korean leader gifted him seven boxes of these cigars, which he brought back to the United States. Elaborating on his obsession with cigars, Rodman further added that smoking cigars was a ‘lifesaver’ for him.

Jordan and the Bulls had a massive impact on the culture of the NBA with certain habits and antics. The Bulls dynasty started a trend of players smoking cigars after winning championships, which is most precisely an emulation of MJ from back when he won the chip. Many great players have followed suit after Jordan, including Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

What are the other things that Dennis Rodman can’t live without?

In this GQ interview, Rodman also mentioned several other things that are essential for his daily life. We learned from the interview that the Worm is a huge fan of the band Pearl Jam, claiming the song Black by the American band as one of his favorites. Furthermore, Rodman also mentioned his piercings and the Rodman brand, which pretty much define his personality to a pretty large extent.

Jordan and Rodman are both legends in Chicago, having helped the Bulls win three championships together from 1995 to 1998. The two were last seen together in the NBA’s Top 75 ceremony in 2021. The duo are once again expected to be present together later this year for the upcoming Bulls’ Ring of Honor ceremony, scheduled at the United Center on January 12.

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