So Different From His Parents: How Does Jolie and Pitt’s Adult Son Now Look?

The 15-year-old son of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, Knox Jolie-Pitt, was recently sighted in Los Angeles going on a family outing.

The Jolie-Pitt kids have long been appreciated by fans for their striking similarity to their well-known parents.

It’s rumored that Shiloh and Knox, with Knox modeling his looks after his father Brad Pitt, prefer one parent over the other.

Knox, who was rarely seen by the media, looked remarkably mature with his new long, untidy hairdo. Wearing shoes, khaki jeans, and a white t-shirt, he kept his look casual. Knox has discovered other creative channels, even if he may not be interested in carrying on his parent’s acting career.

Knox likes to create original jewelry designs from his sketches. Remarkably, Brad Pitt, his father, also experimented with jewelry creation, working with the Damiani company.

Adopted from Vietnam in 2007, Pax has gained notoriety lately due to his romantic affiliation with actress Carmen Blanchard, 20 years of age.

Despite coming from similar Hollywood backgrounds, Pax and Knox appear more interested in pursuing jobs outside of the entertainment industry.

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