Stephen A. Smith Uses One Word To Perfectly Describe Ja Morant After Latest Gun Incident (VIDEO) – News

ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith had some unflattering words for Ja Morant after the Grizzlies guard went live with a gun for the second time in around two months.

Morant was suspended by both the NBA and his team after recording himself flashing a pistol inside a strip club during the regular season and was the picture of contrition ahead of his return to the court as he claimed he had learned from his mistakes.

Clearly, he did not.

The All-Star player was back on IG Live brandishing a handgun this past weekend and has been hit with another team suspension, with the Grizzlies announcing he’s been banned from all of their activities until further notice.

Photo of Stephen A. Smith amd photo of Ja Morant with his mouth open

Smith, who was already having a rough weekend after the New York Knicks got booted out of the playoffs by the Miami Heat, called Ja out for “stupidity” as he pointed out that NY’s RJ Barrett might actually turn out to be the best pick of the 2019 NBA Draft.

The Knicks took Barrett third overall in said draft, behind Zion Williamson and Morant. But, given the difficulties Zion has had staying healthy and Ja’s self-inflicted troubles, Stephen A. reckons Barrett might be the best of the three.

“It’s really hard to put this into words but I’m going to try. As you know, I’m a Knick fan and we’ve talked about RJ Barrett. Between Zion Williamson’s body and Ja Morant’s stupidity, Barrett might end up being the best pick,” Smith said during ESPN’s NBA Countdown on Sunday.

Morant is likely to be suspended for a significant number of games next season after essentially pistol-whipping the NBA on the heels of what many considered to be a slap on the wrist.

His endorsement deals with companies such as Nike and Powerade are also thought to be in the fire.

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