Stephen Curry says yes to the betrayal of Klay Thompson for the transfer that will sink Draymond Green – News

Stephen Curry says yes to the betrayal of Klay Thompson for the transfer that will sink Draymond Green

The guard’s future is not assured and the Warriors are considering his transfer

The Golden State Warriors’ season has been a real ordeal.

The team led by Stephen Curry has lost practically everything that made it special and has ended up becoming a one-man show.

Stephen Curry da el sí a la traición a Klay Thompson por el traspaso que hundirá

And if it isn’t for the Warriors point guard, the team could be the worst in the league.

In this sense, the great drop in the performance of Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins has led Steve Kerr to consider very important changes to the team, including the option of doing without one of the Splash Brothers.


The San Francisco team has seen how with Draymond Green’s indefinite suspension, they lack a versatile interior capable of contributing points and distributing the ball as a second sword behind Curry.

Given this situation, and with the market already open for 90% of the league’s players, the Warriors could consider the transfer of Thompson in exchange for a player capable of covering the aforementioned characteristics.

Fortunately for Steve Kerr, the NBA market has presented him with a transfer that could solve many of his Warriors’ problems.

Along these lines, it was Shams Charania, who confirmed that the Raptors could put Pascal Siakam on the market, a player who would be a perfect fit:

“Now, more than ever, Siakam or Anunoby could be traded before the deadline of the 8th of February.”

The reality is that moving Thompson for Siakam is not realistic and feasible.

Most likely, the Warriors will have to provide some other asset to satisfy the demands of the Raptors who will not lack offers for a Siakam who has become one of the most versatile interiors in the league.

In this sense, add draft choices or interesting young players like Moses Moody or even get rid of Andrew Wiggins who, despite being recoverable, is a shadow of the All Star he was in the past.

On the other hand, the arrival of Siakam would be a very hard blow for Draymond Green, who would see his position filled by a star in the league and could also be forced to look for an exit at the end of the season.

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