Super Bowl 2024: Patrick Mahomes jokes that he has a six pack under his ‘dad bod’ after picture of Chiefs quarterback’s physique went viral

Patrick Mahomes’ ‘dad bod’ went viral last month, but the Chiefs quarterback has come up with a hysterical explanation for his physique.

Speaking to reporters on Monday in Las Vegas ahead of the Super Bowl, Mahomes was asked if he’d rather have a six-pack or another Super Bowl win.

He unsurprisingly chose the latter option – before joking that he actually already had washboard abs.

“I have a six pack, it’s just under the dad bod. If you feel—there might be some skin there, but then underneath that, the six pack is there,’ he said.

‘You just gotta get real close and squint a little bit. I think you’ll see it.”

Patrick Mahomes’ ‘dad bod’ was seen in a video from the Chiefs’ locker room last month

Mahomes spoke with the media on Monday ahead of the Chiefs’ appearance in the Super Bowl

Mahomes’ physique was captured in a video from the Chiefs’ locker room celebrations after beating the Ravens in the AFC Championship, with the quarterback responding ‘yoooo why they have to do me like that’ to the online trolling that followed.

He later added, ‘Like I got kids,’ as he continued to brush the jokes off.

The quarterback’s father, Patrick Mahomes’ Sr., also defended his son.

‘He’s at the gym all the time,’ the former MLB pitcher told CNN. ‘He works out three times a week.

‘He’s just unfortunate he got that from me. That’s in his DNA. We don’t get the muscles like DK Metcalf and some of the guys that are built like rocks and statues.

‘We just got this natural dad bod, but hey, we representing.’

Mahomes’ Chiefs will take on the 49ers on Sunday as the quarterback looks for his third Super Bowl ring.

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