The Big Payout Kobe Bryant Reportedly Received Days Before His Death – News

Kobe Bryant may be known for his basketball prowess, but he also had a mind for business.

While he retired from the NBA in 2016, Bryant was still making money with his books and investments.

According to UFC president Dana White, Kobe received an investment payout from the company just days before his death.

He told TMZ, “Kobe got a distribution from the UFC the Wednesday before the incident and he was so pumped up and excited and he said what everybody always says, ‘I wish I had invested more!’”

The amount of the payout is unknown, but White emphasized that 2019 was the company’s “best year.”

White also pointed out that Kobe started investing in UFC after investing in BodyArmor, the official energy drink of the UFC. In 2014, Kobe reportedly invested roughly $6 million in the drink company. His stake was reportedly worth $200 million in 2018.

Of the Lakers legend, Dana commented, “He was a great dude, he was a part of this company, and Kobe Bryant was a good guy in every way that you could possibly be a good guy.”

Months before his death, Kobe opened up about his decision in invest. He told USA Today, “I understand the importance of building value and being smart with your finances.”

He also stressed the importance of the “storytelling” aspect of investing and getting other athletes involved.

Three years before his NBA retirement, Kobe and entrepreneur Jeff Stibel joined forces to create Bryant Stibel & Co. Over the past few years, the company has invested in more than 28 other companies, including Dell, Alibaba, and National Vision.

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