The girl who wanted to change gender argued with Angelina Jolie because she was holding her back too much?

Shiloh, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s 15-year-old daughter, has a striking resemblance to her father.

Despite the persistent rumors that Shiloh is preparing for a gender change procedure,

she appears to be quite feminine. In this way, she delights her mother.

Shiloh, an Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt child, as well as her mother and sisters Zahara (16) and Vivienne (13),

were all present in the most recent emotional scenes. The waiting for their mother, who had been in a Burbank, California hospital for six hours, was heartbreaking as the three of them reunited.

Although the actress’s first biological child reportedly wants gender reassignment surgery when she is four years old because she is not found in a girl’s body, Shiloh is, at the age of 15, an incredibly feminine young woman who resembles her well-known father.

Shiloh, the eldest child of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, has consistently expressed a desire to identify as a boy. Even her father told her that he wanted them to call her John. Shiloh was once claimed to be planning a sex change procedure by tabloids, and the images of her at the time seemed to corroborate this.

According to her most recent visit, Shiloh appears to have changed her mind. The teenager looks like any other 15-year-old girl, showing that she identifies with her biological gender.

By the time she was four years old, Shiloh had undergone a significant external transformation; she preferred short hair and preferred suits and ties for men over sportswear. She also requested to be called John or Peter, and people who knew her agreed.

Brad and Angelina at first thought it was funny, but later they realized it was more. It was obvious that something was wrong with their kid, so of course, they took her to the psychologist with them.

Since they believed that this was just a phase, Brad and Angelina made the decision to let their daughter wear whatever she pleased. But as time went on, Shiloh’s conviction that she actually belonged to the other sex and her unwavering desire for surgery convinced her parents that it wasn’t just a spoiled child’s game.

Angelina Jolie admitted:.

“She wishes to be a male. Therefore, we had to trim her hair. She enjoys dressing in male clothing. He regards himself as a member of the brothers. ”.

Although it is now impossible to determine whether Shiloh changed her mind, it is undeniable that she transformed into a really attractive young girl.

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