The Shocking Secret About Diddy: 50 Cent Reveals The Rap Tycoon’s True Sexual Orientation!

The Shocking Secret About Diddy: 50 Cent Reveals The Rap Tycoon’s True Sexual Orientation!

So, if there’s one person who’s always talking about how Diddy is on the DL it’s 50, but the drama between 50 and Diddy actually goes all the way back to 1999.

For instance, 50 Cent previously suggested that Diddy is on the DL when he posted a photo of Diddy and Rick Ross performing on stage. The problem with the photo was that it was taken at such an angle that it made it look like they were making out.

He also posted a shot of Diddy in a pink shirt while embracing a former record executive also in pink and wrote in the caption, “I ain’t saying nothing, but something ain’t right. Lmao.”


50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’… hit “In Da Club” has officially earned diamond status by the RIAA, making it his first track to earn such a distinction.

On Wednesday (November 1), the Queens rapper surpassed over 1.2 billion Spotify streams and 1.8 billion YouTube views on its music video. The 2003 single, on average, receives 42 million streams per week worldwide.

Fif celebrated the new feat via his Instagram by posting the cover art from GRoDT along with a graphic of the diamond certification.

50 Cent Reveals Why He’s No Longer Attending Parties Thrown By Diddy

“In Da Club has officially reached Diamond,” the rapper wrote. “10,000,000 singles sold. The 43rd Hip Hop song to go Diamond, 121 songs of all time to do it. I feel good I’m that thing 50cent.”

In a separate post, he wrote, “Diamonds are forever. Yo that thing 50 cent is no joke.”

Currently, 50 Cent is on his Final Lap Tour supporting the 20th anniversary of Get Rich or Die Tryin’… It dropped on February 6, 2003. 50 spoke with BET about the album earlier this year, and specifically, about “In Da Club,” which he broke down.

“‘Go shorty, it’s ya birthday’ – that’s not rocket science.

When people come with intentions to enjoy themselves, when [a woman] is going out with her girlfriends they go with the intention to have a good time and they take the shot that they wouldn’t take but [their friends] go, ‘Come on girl, it’s your birthday,’” he explains.

“I didn’t realize it would stay relevant that long but we worded it that way but it’s just what came out when I heard the production. The beauty of music when you’re conditioned for it feels like magic because it’s not hard work”.

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