“They have to fire him”: Big controversy at the Lakers after the defeat against the Heat! – News

The Lakers suffered another defeat this Monday against the Heat (107-108), and some supporters have already found their scapegoat.

An image that was relayed en masse on the web has in fact sparked very strong reactions from Internet users, who are demanding immediate change from the Purples and Golds.

The team is no longer the same, new faces have appeared within the squad, and yet the start of the Lakers season resembles, with a few details, that of last year.

The Purple & Gold’s record is indeed negative following a 4th defeat in 7 games. Darvin Ham’s men were on the verge of securing victory against Miami but to their great dismay, it was otherwise.

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It seems that Californians are subscribed to dating thrillers at the moment. However, the scenario of the confrontation with the Heat was not favorable to them and they lost (107-108). However, the last possession was for the latter and they had visibly respected their coach’s instructions with this failed attempt by Cam Reddish, according to an image which leaked and surprised many fans.

Darvin Ham in turmoil after the last action of the match

Darvin Ham really designed a system for a 3-point shot from Cam Reddish, while the Lakers were down by one point 😭

It’s a big risk that Darvin Ham took by designating his winger as a shooter in order to get back to equality or more. However, this gamble did not pay off for the Purples and Golds. On the contrary, it is a decision which was strongly criticized by some Los Angeles supporters, who went so far as to openly demand the dismissal of the franchise coach on social networks.

They need to fire Ham if they’re being serious

It’s time to admit that Ham is not the man for the job

The strategies put in place by Darvin Ham are difficult to bear fruit, but we will have to know how to quickly rectify the situation. Because some fans are already getting impatient and the Lakers coach could well find himself in the hot seat if this dynamic continues. Especially since the Californians intend to play for the title in 2023-24…

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