Unbelievable: Immediately after being assisted by Angel Reese, USA Track and Field Star dominated the indoor tournament in Texas making fans scream (+Video)

Hard to believe it’s true:

Immediately after being assisted by Angel Reese, USA Track and Field Star dominated the indoor tournament in Texas making fans scream (+Video)

LSU’s track and field season started with a bang last week. At the LSU Purple Tiger, ten LSU athletes finished their respective events in first place, establishing LSU’s determination to dominate their opponents for the season ahead.

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Among the Tigers who clinched victories last week at Baton Rouge, a five-time SEC champion was in the limelight for her sensational performance in the LSU home meet. her performance in the 60m hurdles even prompted a vehement cheer from the popular basketball player Angel Reese.

Angel Reese has been getting her mojo back in recent weeks with her gradually improving performances.

The LSU Tiger basketball player is now looking to extend her cheerleading skills to help her college teammates dominate the tracks as well.

And it looks like Reese’s support fuelled more gas to the young athlete’s fire.

LSU track and field sensation betters her record

LSU's Angel Reese Secures Championship With a Black Micro-French Mani — See  Photos | Allure

Only last week, Angel Reese posted on X showcasing Alia Armstrong’s dream run at the Purple Tiger meet.

Captioned “GET THEM OUTTA HERE LIA“, the basketball star couldn’t conceal her excitement as Alia clocked an impressive 8.10 during the prelims of the 60m hurdles race.

Armstrong went on to retain her form in the finals as well, where she breezed past her opponents to finish on the top of the podium.

However, as LSU went on the road for the first time this season for the Corky Classic, it looks like Reese’s words have left a lasting impact on Armstrong’s winning mindset.

GET THEM OUTTA HERE LIA @aliaarmstrong_ https://t.co/NQFalh3AVi

— Angel Reese (@Reese10Angel) January 12, 2024

In a recent Instagram story by a track and field fan, Alia can be seen extending her winning streak further.

While the Corky Classic is filled with talents from across the country’s best programs, Armstrong looked focused on maintaining her A-game as she recorded a stunning 7.99 on the clock for the 60m hurdles heat.

And she wasn’t done either!

In the final race of the event, Armstrong once again finished the race in first place with 7.90 on the clock.

Armstrong’s decisive run once again highlighted the LSU Tiger’s incredible track and field roster for the season.

While the collegiate programs scurry to take notes on how to subdue the young star, her professional career waits to take flight.

Armstrong joins an elite NIL roster

Only yesterday, news came to light of Alia getting on board with the NCAA’s NIL program.

The track and field star has signed with Gordon McKernan for the Louisiana personal injury attorney firm’s roster.

We’re privileged to support her journey and contribute to her continued success both on and off the track“, said the attorney in a statement.

With Armstrong’s professional life falling on its deserved track, it waits to be seen if Angel Reese’s supportive cheers continue to bring out the best in the young athlete in the coming weeks.

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