Why Are Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs Not the Most Valuable Franchise Despite Back-to-Back Super Bowls? Dallas Cowboys Retain Sportico’s Top Crown

The Dallas Cowboys entered this season with an aim to win the Super Bowl LVIII.

However, that dream shattered in their early playoffs when they were knocked off by a massive 16 points against the Packers. S

till, there is good news for the Cowboys’ faithful as the team holds a top rank in a long 100 valuable list.

On the other hand, the Kansas City Chiefs, the team that won the Super Bowl championship this year for the fourth time, still didn’t make it through the top 10 spots. But what’s the reason behind the Cowboys earning the top crown and not Patrick Mahomes-led KC? Let’s have a look at the reasons and the most Valuable Franchise rank of this year.

The Cowboys are the winners of the Most Valuable Franchise!

According to Poland’s media company, Sportico, “The @dallascowboys are the most valuable sports team in the world at $9.2 billion.” The outlet shared the top 100 list of the most valuable franchises in the world on their official X account. The Cowboys, standing at the top rank, are followed by the New York Giants football team on the sixth rank. The Kansas City that won the Super Bowl back to back, got the 33 rank in the list. But why did the Cowboys win the top berth among many known and familiar franchises? Here are the reasons:

The Cowboys have higher sponsorship deals, such as from Wrangler and Bank of America, and also make more revenue than the Chiefs. The franchise has also been known as ‘America’s Team’ for generations and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. Therefore, it has its name in the American popularity. ⁠Just like the Yankees and the Lakers, the Cowboys have global recognition.

Its marketing is top-notch notch which even Tom Brady’s Patriots failed to beat despite 6X Super Bowl wins. Thus, for the four-time champion Chiefs to be able to achieve this feat seemed unlikely. Additionally, the ⁠Cowboys have been able to market it to casual fans around the globe, something the Chiefs and other franchises have failed to break into.

All in all, a combination of good timing, wide national exposure, smart business moves, genius marketing, and the general growth in popularity of the NFL for the past six decades have all led to the Cowboys being the most valuable sports team in the world.

However, despite the team wearing the top crown in the franchises’ valuable list, the fans of Dallas are considered the most “heartbroken” by another report.

Are they the NFL’s most heartbroken team?

A study from The Sports Geek, shared with CowboysSI.com, revealed that the Cowboys faithful are considered the most heartbroken among all NFL fanbases. This conclusion was based on the number of social media posts expressing sadness or anger. Throughout the season, the Cowboys fans posted 389,150 critical messages, marking their 28th consecutive season without a Super Bowl appearance. A significant portion of these posts, over 34,000, were in response to the Cowboys’ playoff loss in the wildcard round, where they became the first team to lose to a seventh-seeded squad in the NFL’s playoff history.

USA Today via Reuters

The NFC East had a notable presence in the top 10 list of the heartbroken, with Cowboys and Eagles’ fans expressing their disappointment. Moreover, Cowboys faithful barely edged out Eagles fans, who also are popular to express their emotions with the results of the game, in the number of notorious tweets, with 383,230.

Other teams in the top 5 included the Buffalo Bills (331,390), Detroit Lions (315,030), and Miami Dolphins (298,290).

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